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Talofa & Welcome : 

"Opeloge's music scores possess a cool energy and unforced grandeur"
The NZ Herald

"Opeloge. Whakapapa of MThNZ, challenging my own perspective on disabilities and "truths", and inspirational trust and music making and sharing" 
NZ Music Therapy National Conference 2016 

 "Really enjoyed Opeloge's presentation, a fantastic presenter with a good balance of information"
NZ Music Therapy National Conference 2016

"We are Pasifika was a blend of Pacific culture and music fused into a night of classical Pacific opera, Sublime"
Pacific Eye Witness
"Opeloge's music provided a spectacular choral & orchestral welcome, his lyrical tribute to the people of the Pacific was delivered wih sheen and soul by Leila Alexander (soprano) against Loata Mahe's sweet descant"
The NZ Herald
"We are Pasifika was a big night out for the Manukau Symphony which was masterminded and presided over by composer and conductor Opeloge Ah Sam"
The NZ Herald

   Opeloge Ah Sam has worked as a professional musician in various roles from  composer, conductor, pianist, stage manager, percussionist and event manager. He is passionate about music education and currently teaching as HOD Music at Abundant Life School, Kaitaia in the beautiful far North of NZ. 

Opeloge is a music graduate of Auckland University and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. He is currently completing a Phd in Music composition at Victoria University in Wellington, where he also spent 2 years as a mentor and lecturer of Pasifika Music Performance before his most recent position as Music teacher at Kristin School, Albany, Auckland, NZ. 

    Some of Opeloge's career highlights includes performing for HRH Highness Princess Anne, Composing and Conducting original work with the NZ Symphony orchestra, Creating and Conducting the "We are Pasifika" Concert event for the Manukau Symphony Orchestra (a first of it's kind around the world celebrating Pasifika Music in an Orchestral context), Performing with his Quintet at various events such as the Samoana Jazz Festival (Samoa) and the Tauranga Jazz Festival in NZ. He has also performed as a percussionist for the AFL Grand Final Show (Melbourne, Australia), Conducted his MVE choir at several All Blacks pre-match shows & anthems and is currently composing and recording new music for release. 

   Opeloge has been invited to speak at several music conferences in Australia and NZ (most recently at the 2016 NZ Music Therapy conference). He facilitates & provides practical workshops and mentoring to musicians of all ages and backgrounds. 
   Opeloge is available to perform, compose music for special events/film/shows and give talks or workshops. Fill out the CONTACT OPELOGE page for more information.
"My passion is music, I love sharing my journey with others, and finding inspiration from the stories of other like-minded professionals in Music or other contexts. Music heals, music makes us happy and is an endless medium of emotional expression, connection and joy - and in this world we live in, we can all do with more joy in our lives"
Matagofie - composed by Opeloge Ah Sam
featuring soprano Leila Alexander & Jessica Porter on cello
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