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We are Samoa : 
Composed by Jerome Grey : Arranged, Orchestrated & Conducted by Opeloge Ah Sam for the SAMOA Tsunami relief by Opera Nation Samoa 2009.
   In 2009, I got married to my lovely wife Margot. As we prepared to head off to Samoa for our honeymoom, my father suddenly fell ill. Over a few days, we came to the decision to cancel our honeymoon at Coconuts Beach Resort to be home with my dad who was still in hospital at the time even though my father was adament we should still go because it wasn't life threatening.
   A few days later as my wife and I were reminiscing our lost honeymoon, we woke to the news that Samoa had been devastated by a Tsunami and the resort we would have been in during the tsunami had been wiped out. It was a surreal feeling and one that still haunts me today to think what could have been had we decided to go ahead with our honeymoon.
   It was then natural both as a Samoan musician and as a human being to do my part to help Samoa through the talents given to me by God. We are Samoa was composed by Samoan music legend Jerome Grey and here is my arrangement/orchestration sung by some of Samoa's greatest overseas operatic talent with the help of some amazing Kiwi musicians who gave their time to play for this song.
     Featuring the amazing operatic talents of Samoa's own Sani & Eddie Muli'aumaseali'i, Aivale Cole, Daphne Collins, Jonathan Lemalu & Ben Makisi with the MVE choir.
   All proceeds continue to go towards helping those affected by the Tsunami and still trying to piece their lives back together. Thank you for your support and love. Samoa - this is for you
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